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Inspection and control of textile production

We provide inspection and control of textile production to ensure that your products are manufactured in accordance with all quality requirements and standards.

About the Company

Over the years of our operation, we have gained the support of loyal clients from Russia, the USA, and Europe. Our base of reliable suppliers in Uzbekistan continues to grow steadily. We operate around the clock, conducting on-site inspections within 48 hours and guaranteeing 100% objectivity!

We specialize in auditing manufactures and quality control of textile products. Manufactures auditing includes assessing production capacities and employee qualifications. Quality control of goods before shipment ensures the receipt of actual data on the quantity, labeling, and quality of the goods to meet the Customer’s Technical Task.

Our Services

Inspection Services

Inspection Services

1.Pre-shipment Quality Control of Yarn/Material (Fabric)/Finished Goods: We conduct thorough inspections before shipment to ensure the quality of yarn, materials, or finished products meets your specifications and standards.

In-line Inspection: We provide comprehensive inspection of all processes on the production line, ensuring quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.


Supplier Audit

Supplier Audit

We conduct analysis and control of your selected suppliers. If needed, we introduce you to reliable manufacturers and assist in selecting the optimal procurement solutions for your needs.


Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Our specialists will conduct quality testing of yarn or textile material to ensure compliance with international standards. Testing parameters include density, composition, wash fastness, pilling resistance, color matching, and more.


Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Upon the customer's request, we gather proposals from several textile factories that align with the customer's technical requirements. Subsequently, we compile and provide this information to the client.


Business trip

Business trip

We provide assistance in organizing business tours to textile factories across Uzbekistan. You'll have the opportunity to observe production processes and meet with factory managers that suit the specific requirements of your order.


Our Team

The specialists at UzInspection have years of experience working with textile productions and ensure a qualified approach to each order.

Sharapova Nargiza Ravshanbekova


CEO of UZINSPECTION Sharapova Nargiza Ravshanbekova - CEO
With over 20 years of experience in the textile industry, our Quality Control Manager possesses a master's degree in garment pattern making and design. Since 2005, they have been managing their own production and are the founder of a clothing brand in Uzbekistan. In 2017, they co-founded UzInspection with a local entrepreneur.

Nargiza Akhundjanova

Garment Technology Specialist
7 years of working experience

Dilorom Mukhtarova

Quality Control Manager
8 years of working experience

Dilyafruz Yunusova

Manufacturer Relations Manager
10 years of working experience

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Asiatex - your reliable partner in the world of textile products.

The company specializes in providing high-quality textile solutions for home and business, including contract manufacturing services, collaborating with numerous global brands. Asiatex offers a wide range of products tailored to customer requirements, from bedding to newborn clothing. The team of professionals continuously works on improving the range and service, aiming to exceed the expectations of its customers. Asiatex’s priorities include an individual approach to each client and a commitment to environmentally friendly production. The company’s goal is to make quality textiles accessible to everyone.

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Clients and Partners

Reviews about us

“We are very pleased with our choice and the quality of service from UzInspection. Timely and detailed reports leave no doubt; the client manager provides unparalleled service and is an indispensable link in the supply chain. We look forward to continuing our work with UzInspection!”

COLIN'S Turkey

“If you need unparalleled quality control service that meets international AQL standards in Uzbekistan, UzInspection will assist your company with that. The guys helped me make sure that I will never receive partial deliveries or non-compliant products.”

Cotonella S.p.A. Italy

“UzInspection has become our ‘eyes and hands’ at the production site. Full integration into our business means that every inspection was conducted according to our precise specifications and recommendations. This has allowed us to improve product parameters and strengthen the quality control process.”

SELA Russia

We have been working with UzInspection for quite some time now. No complaints, only positive impressions. The staff work professionally, providing accurate and objective reports. We are satisfied with the individual approach to service provision and the high level of technical support.”

LLC "Bungly Boo", Izhevsk, Russia

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