Laboratory testing and certification

We independently organize the shipment of materials and control of laboratory testing in a specialized partner organization, an accredited Turk Test Markazi laboratory.

Modern textile manufacturers are using more and more sophisticated methods and use a variety of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers. The quality and durability of fabrics is directly dependent on the quality of the fibers, the correct selection of bleaches and dyes, and the use of the correct manufacturing techniques.

Qualified Textile Testing
Experienced inspectors conduct on-site inspections of your product, following detailed checklists based on your requirements, international regulations, safety standards and our wealth of experience.

General laboratory tests for textiles
Identification of textile fibers
Eco-textile testing
Identification of prohibited azo dyes and pigments
Assessment of color fastness (in light, under the influence of ozone, due to phenolic yellowing, smoke and burning, saliva, water, bleach)
Antibacterial and antimicrobial testing
Formaldehyde testing
Machine wash test
Heavy metals in surface coatings

Our quality control and testing services ensure that factories, manufacturers, importers and retailers meet the quality standards and requirements of the target market.

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