Инспекция текстильной промышленности

Проверяем и контролируем производство чтобы ваша продукция, машины и оборудование изготовлены в соответствии со всеми требованиями

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Production monitoring – comprehensive quality control of products at all stages, from manufacturing to the moment of shipment. UzInspection inspectors check the finished goods for compliance with the approved specifications, quality standards, your terms of reference, requirements for appearance, color and dimension. We also check the conformity of the quantity and weight of products before shipment, evaluate the packaging, establish the presence and correctness of marking, and the correctness of the shipping documents.

Why is production monitoring necessary?

Our goal is to give you confidence that the manufacturer from Uzbekistan, Russia and the CIS countries has shipped quality goods that fully meet your requirements and expectations. Inspectors with more than 15 years of experience will analyze the characteristics of textiles and materials, and, if necessary, conduct laboratory tests. Production monitoring covers the entire technological process, allowing you to establish its compliance with the following parameters:
agreed technological modes;

warehouse storage rules for finished products;
quality of packaging of goods;
compliance of products with technical specifications, regulatory documents, international quality standards ISO
Our inspectors quickly identify probable defects and develop measures to eliminate them. Only when all conditions are met, according to the contract between you and the manufacturer, we authorize the delivery of products. Production monitoring also implies tracking the status of order fulfillment, therefore UzInspection also ensures compliance with the terms in the manufacture and shipment of products.

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Pre-shipment inspection is a set of measures aimed at establishing the quality of products and their compliance with established requirements. Inspectors of UzInspection will check the condition, quantity and total weight of goods, evaluate the packaging, establish the presence and correctness of markings. We will do our best to make you sure: the manufacturer or supplier is shipping safe jerseys, fabrics and yarns that meet your expectations, according to your specification.

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Checking goods before shipment is carried out at the final stage of production, when the batch is at least 80% ready. Conducting a comprehensive study of knitwear and materials is an opportunity to make sure that they comply with the technical conditions and specifications, the terms of your contract, the quality and safety standards adopted in the country of import. All necessary services are included in the cost of pre-shipment inspection:

full or random inspection of the quality of goods before shipment;
sampling in accordance with the international standard ISO 2859-1 (ANSI / ASQC Z1.4);
laboratory research;
audit of accompanying documents;
visual inspection of finished products;
video and photographic recording at all stages of verification and testing;
sample measurements at the manufacturer’s premises;
establishing the compliance of packaging and markings with the terms of the contract;
control over compliance with storage rules;
monitoring the process of packaging goods;
control over the proper execution of the loading rules and the accuracy of handling the goods.
The practice of pre-shipment checks is widespread in Uzbekistan: they ensure the safety of exported goods, protect customers and end consumers, facilitate international trade and reduce the volume of counterfeit products. UzInspection specializes in quality control in the field of textile production. Narrow specialization, coupled with modern technical equipment and our own developments, is a guarantee of 100% protection of the interests of our customers who have placed orders for production in this country.

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Container loading control is the final stage of the production process. It occurs at the stage where the supplier prepares to pack the goods into shipping containers. At this point, it is important to make sure that the products are manufactured meets your requirements, the equipment is as stated, and the quantity of goods sent corresponds to the order. Inspectors of UzInspection will control the process by checking the quantity of goods, the quality of the container and packages, the degree of filling of the packing boxes, etc.

What is container loading control for?

Our job is to ensure the safety of your goods shipment. To protect your interests and minimize the risks of shipment of low quality goods, their damage due to improper packaging, theft of part of the goods during the loading process, our inspectors conduct a comprehensive inspection of containers on the territory of the manufacturer or freight forwarder. During the inspection, our employee randomly examines the boxes with the goods to make sure that the filling of the container complies with the terms of your contract with the supplier.

To confirm the quality of goods, it is possible to take samples for laboratory analysis. Based on the research results, we will determine whether the quality and safety meets the specifications, approved samples, technical conditions, etc.

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Initial Production Control is a set of quality control services provided at the initial stage of production. Inspectors from UzInspection will evaluate the reliability and production capabilities of the factory with which you plan to cooperate. They will audit production, control the quality of the materials used, inspect equipment and machinery at the enterprise.

What is the initial production check for?

The start-up check will help you make sure that the factory has understood your requirements correctly, and its material and technical equipment is fully consistent with them. Initial Control (IPC) includes:
research of the state of the textile enterprise;
analysis of the production capabilities of the factory;

laboratory research of components and materials (yarn, fabric, finished knitwear);
quality assessment of finished products manufactured by the enterprise.
Comprehensive inspection at the initial stage of production will identify possible risks, as well as prevent the irrational use of raw materials, resources and funds. The check is carried out after the manufacture of 10% of the order volume and covers all types of goods: hosiery, underwear, knitwear. At this stage, UzInspection inspectors perform a visual inspection, assessing the quality of products and identifying primary defects. If necessary, we conduct laboratory tests to determine the safety, durability, functionality of products. The results and product samples will be sent to you for approval. Only after their approval will the main production be launched. At the same time, you can agree on the type, features of the packaging, because it performs protective, decorative, advertising functions, and its appearance is no less important than the quality of finished products.

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